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C-Raw Studios. A quality recording studio open to all aspiring and established vocalists including Singers, Rappers, Poets & Voice-over artists. We have a team of engineers, producers, writers and directors to assist and guide you on your journey.

*Latest Offers*

  • 3 hours of recording time for £50! Book today to take advantage of this deal 

  • Only £15 p/h to hire studio for photography film, production and engineering space.

Music Recording

Our Services


Recording Sessions

Vocal recording sessions including an experienced engineer and track mixing for a clean finish, all for just £20 per hour.

Songwriting & Lyricism

We have writers to cover all genres. You tell us what you need and we will make it happen, from flows and melodies to lyrics and execution. 

Music Production

Whether its a part of our package deals or separate, we have a team of producers ready to create or re-create instrumentals efficiently.

Mixing & Mastering

You don't have to record with us to get our clean finish! Send us your track stems and we will be able to have your song sounding great.

Studio Space Hire

Open to film, music videos, photography, producers, engineers and any other creatives looking for an ambient space for hire.

Music Video Production

Our clan of talented directors are on hand to plan, record, edit and deliver high quality music videos for all clients.


Amazing first impression.

Had a very productive 3 hour session, the studio was very clean and presentable was a very welcoming atmosphere.