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Professional, Experienced & reliable

C-Raw Studios is a successful hub for established and aspiring talents in the music and entertainment industry to create, network and progress. No matter your experience or skill, our friendly, welcoming and talented staff are here to assist you on your journey. Our expert and well equipped studios include a recording studio, film/photo studio and a podcast studio. Book a studio or enquire today.

Music Recording

Our Services

Our Services

Recording Sessions

Feel at home in our professional recording studio. With cutting edge technology and a supportive team by your side, our seasoned engineers are here to assist you produce the best sounding tracks possible. Book your session today.

Artist Development

We are passionately committed to nurturing the talent of aspiring artists with tailored guidance and support at every step of your musical journey. From refining your sound and honing your skills to offering expert mentorship on song writing, production, and performance, we are dedicated to helping you transform your passion into a profession.

Networking Events

It's very important for artists and creatives to build a network around them. Our events showcase new talent and help like-minded individuals meet and work together. 

Mixing & Mastering

You don't have to record with us to get our clean finish! Send us your track stems and we will be able to have your song sounding great. Contact us to get started!

Studio Space Hire

Our film/photo studio is open to all sorts of content creation including music videos and photography. Our recording studio can also be hired (room only) ideal for producers, engineers and any other creatives looking for an ambient space for hire.

Music Video Production

Our  talented directors are on hand to plan, record, edit and deliver high quality music videos for all clients. Get in touch to plan yours!


Amazing first impression.

Had a very productive 3 hour session, the studio was very clean and presentable was a very welcoming atmosphere.


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